essential worker flagAthol, MA—Scott Wheeler, Owner and Administrator of Quabbin Valley Healthcare, has developed an “Essential Personnel” flag in honor of the QVHC staff’s hard work and dedication to caring for their residents during these unprecedented and challenging times in healthcare. The flag will be hanging outside of the facility in the coming days for everyone to see.

“In a time like this when essential healthcare workers are showing up for work day in and day out to care for patients and residents, it’s imperative these staff members are recognized and appreciated, not only internally, but publicly as well,” said Michael Kachadoorian, the facility’s assistant administrator and marketing director. “They are doing hard work, and they do it with compassion.” In the battle to prevent COVID-19 from entering QVHC and the ensuing battle across the country to diagnose, treat, and care for individuals affected, staff has been working tirelessly around the clock to keep people safe. It’s even more challenging in places where there are cases—hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, etc.— where staff is being stretched like never before, and yet they don’t waver.

Wheeler came up with the flag concept, not only for his facility, QVHC, but for other facilities to use as they wish: He will give them the design file, and they can use the flag design, free of charge, and personalize it for their center. “For example, QVHC personalized the flag with ‘We Thank Our QVHC Heroes.’ We will also be making up mugs, tee-shirts, scrubs, flags—all kinds of things adorned with the flag design—for our staff, and I hope others will do the same,” said Wheeler. “I hope healthcare organizations will run with this concept and use it as a symbol of unity, integrity, respect, honor, support, and thanks for all segments of healthcare. We are in this together, and if there was any time to come together and unite, it is now.” Wheeler has reached out to Dunkin’ and Starbucks to see if they are interested in this and its message, and has sent it to the Mass Senior Care Federation and other long-term care owners and providers.

Download a PDF file of the flag by clicking HERE.

Download an EPS file for graphic applications by clicking HERE.

For additional information on the flag, please call Michael Kachadoorian at 978-249-3717 ext 318 or email him at